TEI: P4 Guidelines

The TEI P4 Guidelines first appeared in print in June 2002. P4 was the first version of the Guidelines to implement proper XML support, while ensuring backwards compatibility with earlier TEI specifications.

P4 was superseded by the release of the P5 Guidelines in November 2007. To learn how to migrate from P4 to P5, visit the migration page.

Getting the P4 Guidelines


The text of the P4 Guidelines is available online, as HTML or PDF files.

The TEI Guidelines are also provided as a modular, extensible, DTD (Document Type Definition). The modules making up the TEI DTD can be configured for use either as an SGML or an XML DTD. There are full details in the P4 DTD document.

You can view the DTD files online or download them as a bundled set in the form of a compressed tar archive or zip archive, including both HTML and DTD.

You can also download a zip archive of the ODD source files.

Print Copies

The P4 Guidelines were published by the University of Virginia Press. Remaining copies will be available until 31 December 2012, at the price of $US14 plus shipping ($6 to United States addresses; $17 to other countries). To order, contact Customer Service manager Brenda Fitzgerald, bwf@virginia.edu.

Customizations of P4 provided by the TEI community

Digital Archive of Letters in Flanders (DALF)
A customization for detailed encoding of letters (Project site and DTD files)
Model Editions Partnership
A customization for encoding editions of historical documents (Project, guidelines, reference manual, DTDs)