TEI P5 version 2.4.0 release notes

This version of the TEI introduces new features and resolves a number of issues raised by the TEI community. As always, the majority of these changes and corrections are a consequence of feature requests or bugs reported by the TEI community using the SourceForge tracking system. If you find something you think needs to change in the TEI Guidelines, schemas, tools, or website, please submit a feature request or bug ticket at http://tei.sf.net/ for consideration. Lists of closed bugs and closed feature requests are available on the site. The software provided by SourceForge has changed and some old URLs for tickets may eventually break (they currently forward). This new system gives much more readable URLs (e.g. http://sourceforge.net/p/tei/bugs/445/) and so Council has stopped using the purl URLs (e.g. http://purl.org/tei/bugs/3572502) created as shortcuts to SourceForge's previously long URLs. As part of this software change users who check out a copy of the TEI-C Subversion repository must update its location to that provided at http://sourceforge.net/p/tei/code/.

Some of the highlights of the TEI P5 2.4.0 release include:

Since the last P5 release, several releases have also been made to the family of XSL stylesheets maintained for the TEI, largely fixing bugs in conversion to ePub, and to or from Word docx format.

A new translation of the TEI Lite tutorial into French has been completed, and is now included in the Exemplars directory. The French translations for a number of element descriptions were corrected at the same time. Unlike earlier versions, this version of the TEI Lite tutorial now uses only French language examples.

Date: 2013-07-05
released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/