supplies the change attribute, allowing its member elements to specify one or more states or revision campaigns with which they are associated.
Moduletranscr — Representation of Primary Sources [TEI ab abbr abstract accMat acquisition activity actor add addName addSpan additional additions addrLine address adminInfo affiliation age alt altGrp altIdent altIdentifier alternate am analytic anchor annotationBlock app appInfo application arc argument att attDef attList attRef author authority availability back bibl biblFull biblScope biblStruct bicond binary binaryObject binding bindingDesc birth bloc body broadcast byline c cRefPattern caesura calendar calendarDesc camera caption case castGroup castItem castList catDesc catRef catchwords category cb cell change channel char charDecl charName charProp choice cit citedRange cl classCode classDecl classRef classSpec classes climate closer code collation collection colloc colophon cond condition constitution constraint constraintSpec content corr correction correspAction correspContext correspDesc country creation custEvent custodialHist damage damageSpan dataRef dataSpec datatype date dateline death decoDesc decoNote def default defaultVal del delSpan depth derivation desc dictScrap dim dimensions distinct distributor district div div1 div2 div3 div4 div5 div6 div7 divGen docAuthor docDate docEdition docImprint docTitle domain eLeaf eTree edition editionStmt editor editorialDecl education eg egXML elementRef elementSpec email emph encodingDesc entry entryFree epigraph epilogue equipment equiv etym event ex exemplum expan explicit extent f fDecl fDescr fLib facsimile factuality faith figDesc figure fileDesc filiation finalRubric floatingText floruit foliation foreign forename forest form formula front fs fsConstraints fsDecl fsDescr fsdDecl fsdLink funder fvLib fw g gap gb gen genName geo geoDecl geogFeat geogName gi gloss glyph glyphName gram gramGrp graph graphic group handDesc handNote handNotes handShift head headItem headLabel height heraldry hi history hom hyph hyphenation iNode iType ident idno if iff imprimatur imprint incident incipit index institution interaction interp interpGrp interpretation item join joinGrp keywords kinesic l label lacunaEnd lacunaStart lang langKnowledge langKnown langUsage language layout layoutDesc lb lbl leaf lem lg licence line link linkGrp list listApp listBibl listChange listEvent listForest listNym listOrg listPerson listPlace listPrefixDef listRef listRelation listTranspose listWit localName locale location locus locusGrp m macroRef macroSpec mapping material measure measureGrp media meeting memberOf mentioned metDecl metSym metamark milestone mod model modelGrp modelSequence moduleRef moduleSpec monogr mood move msContents msDesc msFrag msIdentifier msItem msItemStruct msName msPart musicNotation name nameLink namespace nationality node normalization notatedMusic note notesStmt num number numeric nym oRef oVar objectDesc objectType occupation offset opener org orgName orig origDate origPlace origin orth outputRendition p pRef pVar param paramList paramSpec particDesc pause pb pc per performance persName person personGrp phr physDesc place placeName population pos postBox postCode postscript precision prefixDef preparedness principal profileDesc projectDesc prologue pron provenance ptr pubPlace publicationStmt publisher punctuation purpose q quotation quote rdg rdgGrp re recordHist recording recordingStmt redo ref refState refsDecl reg region relatedItem relation remarks rendition repository residence resp respStmt respons restore retrace revisionDesc rhyme role roleDesc roleName root row rs rubric s said salute samplingDecl schemaSpec scriptDesc scriptNote scriptStmt seal sealDesc secFol secl seg segmentation sense sequence series seriesStmt set setting settingDesc settlement sex shift sic signatures signed soCalled socecStatus sound source sourceDesc sourceDoc sp spGrp span spanGrp speaker specDesc specGrp specGrpRef specList sponsor stage stamp state stdVals street stress string styleDefDecl subc subst substJoin summary superEntry supplied support supportDesc surface surfaceGrp surname surplus surrogates syll symbol table tag tagUsage tagsDecl taxonomy tech teiCorpus teiHeader term terrain text textClass textDesc textLang textNode then time timeline title titlePage titlePart titleStmt tns trailer trait transcriptionDesc transpose tree triangle typeDesc typeNote u unclear undo unicodeName usg vAlt vColl vDefault vLabel vMerge vNot vRange val valDesc valItem valList value variantEncoding view vocal w watermark when width wit witDetail witEnd witStart witness writing xenoData xr zone]
changepoints to one or more change elements documenting a state or revision campaign to which the element bearing this attribute and its children have been assigned by the encoder.
Status Optional
Datatype 1–∞ occurrences of teidata.pointer separated by whitespace