Text Encoding Initiative

TEI U5: Encoding for Interchange: an introduction to the TEI

TEI Lite: An Introduction to Text Encoding for Interchange
Lou Burnard and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
June 1995, revised May 2002
[Current (2006) revision of this document]


This document provides an introduction to the recommendations of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), by describing a manageable subset of the full TEI encoding scheme. The scheme documented here can be used to encode a wide variety of commonly encountered textual features, in such a way as to maximize the usability of electronic transcriptions and to facilitate their interchange among scholars using different computer systems. It is also fully compatible with the full TEI scheme, as defined by TEI document P4, Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange, published in May 2002, and available from the TEI Consortium website at .

Date: (revised October 2004) Author: Lou Burnard (revised SPQR).
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